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Elevated in the Desert

Sometimes when I write the thoughts that are circling through my mind, I fear that you will think that I, or we, are in a bad spot. That is certainly not the case unless I warn you that I am. Anyone that knows me or knows my writing will undoubtedly know that I am honest about my ups, downs, highs, lows, flaws and failures. I try to also share my victories, passions, and excitement in the beautiful chaotic life that I live now and in the future. So, when you read what I am about to say, I need you to keep in mind that I would tell you if I was drowning. My head is high above the waves, it’s just that I’ve been processing through these thoughts and decided to share. For many years, we have been in full-time ministry (about 11 to be exact). We’ve also walked alongside many others that are. Because of this, we might have insight that those on the “outside” don’t necessarily have. That is the place from which I am going to share my heart with you.

The desert isn’t just the place where our dreams & aspirations die in the parched and shriveled seasons of our life. It’s not solely the broken pieces and places of our existence either. The desert very well may be the place that God allows us to walk so that our inward most thirst for relationship with our Creator is revealed or rescued again. Sadly, the desert can many times be the place we go to hide from the elevation (or expectation) of our publicly lived lives.