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Not All That's Good Is God- A New Year's Resolution

If you're anything like me, balance is an issue for you. As 2018 begins and I dream about the year ahead, the one thing that keeps replaying in my mind is balance. I tend to be an all or nothing type of girl. I have a million ideas, quite a few things I'm good at, & a trillion things I HAVE to ACTUALLY do in my daily life. Okay, not a trillion-but A LOT. Sometimes I take on way more than I should and, frankly, most of the things I take on are "good but not God". I tend to get ahead of Him. I dream and ask Him to come alongside me. I wish, hope & go and then pray He's a part of my plans. It's not intentional, I don't start out thinking that I am going to be doing the will of Sam. It just happens. Far more often than I would like to admit. Here is a visual for the way my life seems to work. 

I get passionate about something. Anything. Being the best wife & mom on the planet, "saving" orphans, giving impoverished moms jobs, my kids taking piano, guitar, singing & drumming lessons and becoming a family band, getting thin, organizing my entire house this week....really, anything. I can get passionate about anything. This is about what it looks like. I feel a roar inside (aka could be a real God roar, could be a "THINKING I have to do it" roar. On a real note, I DO KNOW what my roars are supposed to be....I just get...sidetracked sometimes. I am thinking you might, too.) The roar builds and there it goes, I can't keep it in......

I get ready, take my stance.......

And before I know it I am going gangbusters. All in, drool flying around, tongue flying behind me,  all the gusto in the universe type gangbusters....

Here is where it gets complicated.....I'm spinning. I might even have a good spin going. I am keeping it all together for the most part....I have a high threshold for stress & I definitely seem to thrive in the midst of chaos...

But, we all know what eventually happens here.....the top stops. The balls drop. I'm only one woman. Sometimes I might even take someone else down in my whirling all about. The pace is just not maintainable. 

Now, I'm stuck. I'm jammed up. I can't move. roar just might look a bit more like this now.....

I try to muster up a bit more grrrrr and happens. Crash. Burn. Hide. 

Are you getting the picture here? 

Usually what ends up happening is I realize that as I started spinning too fast---I let go of God. I'm operating in Sam Strength. My time in the Word is less. My time on my knees has wained. Again. I don't know why this mentality is mine. As long as I can remember I have been the type to take things at a  174% GO pace. Then, all of a sudden, boom, I am crashing.  As I ponder 2018 and all that is to come, balance is my mantra. Not balance in the sense of doing it all and keeping it in balance. Not the plates spinning in the air and keep them all going balance...but, balance in the sense of not being 174% OR laying on the floor crying type pace. 

Being steady. Not taking everything good and calling it God.  My 2018 resolution is to


In 2018 I am pursuing balance. My prayer is that I will do less and somehow do more because I am doing deeper. I don't want to just do a bunch of things pretty well. I want to do a few things DYNAMITE. I want my priorities I've got on paper to play out in my day to day reality. 

Who wants to join me in less good and more GOD?   

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