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Mr. Complacency

Dear Mr. Complacency,

Thank you for choosing to do nothing. Thank you for laying there and doing nothing. Thank you for being unconcerned about what is going on in your own world, and thank you so much for only caring about yourself. I am me because of these things. I am me because my parents decided to go against the flow of this world. I am me because I don’t do what society says is ok. Your lack of heart has motivated me to be the best me I can be. You have inspired me to be the opposite of you, and with that inspiration I get out and I do things. I am truly sorry for all of the things you are missing out on, but in reality I can’t blame you because I was you.

 I didn’t know what was outside of my little perfect American bubble, I didn’t know that there was hurt in this world other than my friends deciding to go to the mall without me. I mean I heard about loss, and starvation, and I heard stories from my parents, but stories can only get you so far until you get up and experience things for yourself. Time went on though, and I was still living in my own self absorbed life, letting time pass not knowing what the world had in store for me. Until one day when my parents gathered up my family to tell us we were moving outside of the country to do mission work. I was devastated!! What was poor little Kalista Rigelsky to do? No football games? No freshman homecoming dance?

My life was over..so I thought. Really, my life 

was just starting. 

Living in this tiny country called Haiti I quickly realized there was more to life than high school football games, high school dances, & then running off to college and beginning life on my own. I saw things that not many people are fortunate enough to see, and I met people that are now considered family. I’ve held children that call me mom, sister, and friend. I took a lot away from my time in Haiti, and it is stuff that I will never forget. I can’t go a day, let alone an hour without the people of Haiti racing through my brain. I tend to leave out the so called “bad” stuff about my experiences there, and my thoughts and feelings because people don’t want to hear that, they just want a quick little story about the cute Haitian babies I held.  But, truth is life is so complicated being back in America. A good complicated that I can’t thank you enough for, a complicated that makes me think 24/7 why, what, and how?  Why don’t we care? What makes us so busy and consumed with our own lives that we can’t think about others? And how are we so blind to all of what goes on in this world outside of us? My theory is that society has allowed our brains to think in a way that is only worried about ourselves. Sure there are people that get out and help people, but just because they are doesn’t mean we should just kick back and relax. 

So, Mr. Complacency, thank you for being satisfied with yourself in doing nothing. Because of you I have the most influential people in my life, Haitians. They have opened my eyes to other parts of this crazy world, and they have taught me to be thankful for everything- even the simplest of things. I could go on and on about Haiti and how incredibly blessed I am for what I have seen, but you’re complacent, why would any of what I’m saying mean anything to you? Exactly.. it won’t.... because you are satisfied with your perfect American bubble.

Kalista Rigelsky, 16

 "I am truly sorry for all of the things you are missing out on, but in reality I can’t blame you because I was you."