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Resentment and rage

we gossip,  we slay

the innocent, the lame.

False humility and envy

it's all the same.

Lust and greed

disgust equally.

Slander begins malace

the heart beyond corrupt.

Deceit met with cursing

while laziness dances

with desire and esteem

the need to be

something or someone

for me.


it births murder while

golden gods rob

our hope.

Adultery trashes unions

we sit by and watch



sin overtakes man

we hoard

for real.

Our need is great

Savior we wait


only your love reveals

that we are



wholly pure in you.

Bandaged and held

in Your arms

we dwell.



you proved your affection for us.

You were pierced

you were whipped

you bled for our shame.

You conquered & beat death

glory to

Your name.


Nails driven deep

crown on your brow as you weep.

Stone on the grave

your soul enslaved.

As we


They rolled it away

no more do you lay.

You took the keys

to hell itself

locked the door

declared our wealth.



Ascended that day

glory to the Father

our sin has no


Your blood runs down

our shame concealed

Our wounds?


His ways just

His ways true

He split the tomb

Christ forever revealed

We came out


So, walk it out

don't talk it out

Put your money where

your mouth runs off.

Soup and a sandwich

an unlikely savior.

Should have died three days later.

Thirteen year old screaming,

somehow in labor.

Starbucks sits just fifty yards away

from a cardboard kitchen

a man dying

as captain cocaine is his fame.

A baby born to shackles 

children on the floor lie down and weep

while their mom gets beat.

Hopeless wanderer

underpass sleeper

cold and lonely

strung out weeper.

Where is Jesus?

She's lonely

he's pleading.

Come rescue this man

who is falling

much deeper.

Speak through your people

raise them up now

surely soon this thing will go down.

Waiting for Christ's hands

where are His feet?

Did his foot really fall asleep?

Trapped inside the building

sitting in pews

waiting for what?

A written invitation?

He sent that already.

So why then is

the news she needs

to be free

hidden down deep?

It's trying to bust out

of the people He made


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