Empowering people who help people

We seek out world changers and difference makers around the globe, and equip them to fulfill their unique purpose.

We Work Together

we listen. we advise.

Upstream seeks and builds relationships with individuals who are making a diference in their communities.
By finding those who are already creating change, we are deepening impact instead of duplicating it.

We believe that in every community, there are individuals with untapped potential ready to make their community a better place.

Upstream seeks out people that are impacting the world around them but lack the necessities to further their work. By building relationships and providing assistance in the ways that best fit each need, we can empower a community to make progress towards a brighter future.

Your support is powerful.

Make an Impact

You have the opportunity to impact the lives of individuals and families devastated by poverty. It’s through your generosity that we create such powerful change.

get involved.

Sponsor a child.

Being loved, wanted and cared for - that is what your sponsorship provides every child that we are blessed to help. $50/month covers food, uniforms, school supplies as well as access to medical care and education costs. Every child deserves to feel someone cares.

Sponsor a project.

Help us spread hope and change lives. Your sponsorship of a project we're involved in allows us to create a direct, meaningful impact on the lives and communities we serve. From building a school to simply holding a hand, we are never alone with your support.

General donation.

Every ounce of generosity matters! Through your donation, we're a huge step closer to helping a community, empowering a servant leader, and deepening the amazing impact of every project we support. Make a donation, change a life.

Take part in a trip.

Have you ever thought about taking a mission trip to help others in person? Join us in Haiti or Africa! Come see the work we are doing and immerse yourself in rich history and beautiful culture. It's a life-changing journey and we're thrilled to help you take your first step.

Our commitment is that our work will never outweigh the depths of our relationships. Because of the value we put on relationships we don’t look at people with pity, but with the worth to be empowered.

Isedor Dieuna

Isedor Dieuna

Isedor enjoys washing the dishes at her family home in Cite` Soleil, Haiti. She hopes that she will have a better life.
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Betinka Didier

Betinka Didier

Betinka enjoys playing the guitar and jumping rope. Her family lives in Cite` Soleil, Haiti.
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Mar 30, 2018 Faith


Resentment and rage

we gossip,  we slay

the innocent, the lame.

Mar 29, 2018 Faith

Dear Mr. Complacency,

Mar 20, 2018 Needs

We have decided to use this page as a place to share about Upstream's current and upcoming needs.

Jonasson Blanc

Jonasson Blanc

Jonasson lives in and attends school in Citè Soleil, Haiti.
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Jan 1, 2018 Faith

If you're anything like me, balance is an issue for you.

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As Joe & I flew over Chicago on our way to our Wisco-home from Haiti, I was hard struck by the innumerable displays of elec

Apr 28, 2017 Impact

Quite a few months ago Joe was approached by a group of men in Citè Soleil.

Apr 28, 2017 Faith

There will be days you want to stay in bed all day. 

Mar 28, 2017 Family

Julie sponsors Cierra through Upstream International's Child Sponsorship Program. Last October Julie met Cierra a

Feb 3, 2017 Impact

A couple of months ago, a group of bold young men mustered up the courage to ask Joe if Upstream would consider sponsoring them

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